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Bruce Wood Grant

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Bruce Wood Grant
Quincy 2000 Collaborative and Quincy Chamber of Commerce present the Bruce Wood Grant

The Quincy Chamber of Commerce and Quincy 2000 Collaborative announce the Bruce Wood Grant; a $5,000 grant for local small businesses and startups who exemplify founding Quincy Chamber Board Member Bruce Wood’s business sense and commitment to the community he loved.  The grant’s purpose is to make a significant impact and help strengthen the business to which it is awarded.

Grant Application

Inaugural Leadership Series Breakfast

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Event Recap: Legislative Breakfast

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Event Recap: Legislative Breakfast

Hot topics effecting the state and our city were discussed at our breakfast. Thanks to State Representatives Bruce J. Ayers, Tackey Chan, Ron Mariano, and State Senator John Keenan.

Event Photos Here

Life Science Corridor Brochure

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Life Science Corridor Brochure

Learn More Information.

The Life Sciences Corridor is home to the World’s Largest Cluster of Life Science and Biotech Companies.

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About Quincy

The Gallery

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The Gallery

Discover Quincy transformed a vacant retail space in Quincy Center into an art gallery featuring the work of 70 local artists, Quincy Art Association members, a student exhibit sponsored by The art spot, and four pop up shops. Featured on the exterior was a mural of Quincy’s history.

Q-Up After Hours: River Bay Club

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The Q-Up After Hours event for March will be held at the River Bay Club from 5-7pm.

Sample Member Event

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Sample Member Event

Date: January 1, 2015

Time: 1pm

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