While people in Quincy share a strong association with the City, neighborhoods are sources of community pride and identity. The peninsula business district includes four of these neighborhoods – Merrymount, Adams Shore, Houghs Neck and Germantown.

The initial site of Quincy’s settlement, Merrymount is a highly desirable neighborhood of single-family homes. The hilly terrain provides some of the best views of the bay and marshlands in Quincy.

Once a summer resort area, Adams Shore is a strong year-round residential community attractively located along the shore of Quincy Bay.

One of the earliest residential communities in the city, the peninsula of Germantown has both single-family homes and some of the most affordable housing in Quincy, with 900 units operated by the Quincy Housing Authority.

At the eastern most tip of the City, Houghs Neck developed from a popular spot for fishermen and tourists to a densely populated close-knit neighborhood.

Home to some of the best vistas of the bay and marshlands in Quincy, all four areas are very popular with homebuyers. The strong residential character of these neighborhoods has given rise to small, but equally strong commercial areas.

The unification of the four areas into one business district partnership gives them an effective voice in the city as well as encourages the exchange of commerce. 

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Business District Community Police Contacts 

The Community Police Department encourages you to contact the Patrol Officer representing your business are if you have a need, concern or idea to make the business district a safer environment for you and your customers.

Main Officer Number:  617-770-4993

Lieutenant Tim Sorgi (617) 770-4993

Peninsula Area (Houghs Neck/Merrymount/Germantown)
Officer Bill Mitchell (617) 594-2082